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Sitop Special Design

Sitop Special Design

Equipped for special tasks and conditions

Restricted installation conditions, harsh environmental conditions, or special input or output voltages – whatever the special conditions, these standard power supplies meet even exceptional requirements.

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Essential product features
  • SITOP flat design – in flat metal housing
  • SITOP 3.7 A Class UL class 2 with power limiting to 100 W
  • DC/DC converter in narrow design for 12 V from the 24 V DC
  • SITOP dual – with 2 outputs, e. g. for electronic loads that are supplied with ±15 V DC
  • SITOP flexi – flexibly adjustable output 3 to 52 V DC for extensive functions such as adjustable output current 2 to 10 A, current monitor and sensor cable
  • PSU100D direct mount – for direct wall mounting in various installation positions
  • PSU300B – three phase power supplies optimized for battery charging
  • PSU300E – 24V/5A, three phase power supply for lower wattage applications.

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